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The Brands

Ceremony Fine Wear

Ceremony Fine Wear is a denim brand, which was founded at the end of 2010 in Malaysia.
Ceremony products build on denim designs from the past and are targeted at people who are passionate about denim, work wear and vintage clothing.
The brand offers authentic quality craftsmanship; Ceremony is about passion, culture and heritage.

Cheese Denim Works

Cheese Denim is a Malaysian denim label located in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
The brand has been around since the end of 2010 and has so far focused on affordable raw denim for Malaysian market. The brand started with made to order selvedge jeans and readymade non-selvedge jeans in skinny and slim cuts

Fifthrequisite Jeans

Fifthrequisite Jeans is a Thailand based brand founded in 2009 and inspired from a strong passion for denim.
No matter what your race, nationality, gender or religion, Fifthrequisite believes all people have similar needs and desires and strives to create jeans that would become a part of your life fulfilling these desires.
Fifthrequisite jeans have been created with the finest quality of material and craftsmanship and allow you to show your personality, and live your dreams.

Oldblue Co.

Oldblue Co. is a denim manufacturing company from Jakarta, Indonesia. The brand has been around since the end of 2010.
Oldblue Co. gets inspiration from the working class throughout the days and offers well constructed jeans ready to be worn everyday.
All Oldblue Co. jeans are cut and sewn using the best fabrics, whilst the talented Indonesian workers put their heart to every stitch.


Voyej is a brand of handcrafted leather accessories from Jakarta, Indonesia.
It has been around since early 2011. The brand is inspired from man’s passion for journey and travel, Voyej’s vegetable-tanned leather products are made with durability in mind so that their journey could last a lifetime.